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I was wondering how I could get a better Sim DPS on wow progress, I'm sure that I do more in game but it just doesn't updates. Got 290.000 sim dps at the moment, there are people with lower ilvl that got way more sim dps than me -.- wat.Thanks in advance Don't take Sim Craft or any simulator as the literal damage you should do.A few days after Kernel broke the news that there is no distinction in Cataclysm boss kills, he's implemented what he hopes will address the issue.The goal being that the progression lists can properly convey raid size-based progression, rather than everyone being lumped into a single list.

Just be careful how you raid if you're concerned with showing up in the proper list.

It is now possible to transfer your character Progress, M , Karma data, Videos after name or realm change.

Note: this is a temporary solution, it will be fully automatic soon How to transfer data after realm/name change? If possible, before changing realm/name, claim your character on Wo WProgress using Sync.

Is each person tied to only 1 server, even though achievements/pets are account wide?

What keeps someone from using their characters on other servers to rank?

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(I don't know if 5 is enough to count either, if memory serves correct I think it is like 7 or 8 members) You need to update all of the members armories through wowprogress so it will show their respective kills and that should then update your guild progress.

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