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If you can meet thousands of singles in one go, why not do it? Dating online is the new “it” thing, although it doesn’t feel trendy, it just feels practical.“The soldier is in one reality, and that is in a war or combat reality,” Tanenbaum said. They are two really different worlds, and it’s pretty difficult to be able to communicate that to your partner or spouse.”The increasing number of resources available to veterans has helped some of Johnston’s cohorts from his 2009 Army deployment understand the importance of reaching out to a specialist and getting their issues under control, he said.“One hundred times more communication has to happen when you come back to make sure that everyone is on the same page,” Hansman said. “I’m around guys all the time,” said Jessica Giusti, a 24-year-old active duty member of the Marine Corps.“Essentially you had a life together, you’re in a straight line when you leave and then you veer off in different directions. “We’re really hard on each other, just like brothers and sisters are.Yes, it might be different from a face to face meeting, but it has its own charm and, eventually, you will meet the person face to face anyway.If you haven’t tried a dating website, it’s probably high time you did.

Expressed opinions are not necessarily the views of VT, VT authors, affiliates, advertisers, sponsors, partners, technicians or Veterans Today Network and its assigns.You may feel slightly uncomfortable about dating sites if you are in the army, or similar fields, though.This is because however convenient it would be to meet someone who’s great at communicating online (as you may have to do so regularly when you are away) it’s also hard enough in real life to find someone who understands what your job is like, and how that job affects a relationship.It is even harder for him if you are smart and do not need him to rescue you, since rescuing is something he does really well.If you are very competent at many things, he may at times question if you need him at all.

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