Hibernate executeupdate not updating

This may or may not correlate to the number of rows effected in the database.

An HQL bulk operation might result in multiple SQL statements being executed, such as for joined-subclass.

I have a class named Abstract DAO which implements CRUD operations via generics. Driver db.url=jdbc:mysql://localhost/adminportal db.pool_size=0 db.dialect=org.hibernate.dialect. My SQLDialect db.hbm2ddl_auto=validate db.show_sql=true db.current_session_context_class=thread db.flush_mode=COMMIT When you use transactions managed by Spring(@TRansactional) the framework gets a session and starts a transaction before th method and commits it after that.

Insertion, selection and deleting works perfectly, but update fails without showing any errors at all. When you get Current Session you use the same session(and transaction) and it's OK, but open Session() gets onother session, which is not commited. Session is flushed implicitly during commit and managed declaratively by Spring so there's no point in managing sessions, transactions and flushing.

In particular, a stateless session does not implement a first-level cache nor interact with any second-level or query cache.

It does not implement transactional write-behind or automatic dirty checking.

Consider 2 classes: public class A public class B { @Id ...

Function update User() is supposed to update record in the database for the selected user from the Prime Faces data Table component(values are correct) but for some unknown reason it doesn't.

It surfaces only when we mix native queries and objects.clause can only refer to a single entity, which can be aliased.If the entity name is aliased, any property references must be qualified using that alias.We are using query timeout hints for both native and JPQL based queries using Hibernate as our JPA provider with great success.Timeouts work flawlessly with the Single Result() and Result List() paths using Oracle as our DB implementation (in both JBOSS and Web Sphere deployments using CMT) We have a number of queries that for performance purposes, perform an "insert into XYZ select ...

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In the example of joined-subclass, a can be any valid HQL select query, but the return types must match the types expected by the INSERT.

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