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I 100% like girls still (was lesbian before I started my transition) and when it comes to dating or flirting, I am super shy.So being trans makes me more shy and afraid because of my appearance and voice. share their stories and experiences with me or anything!This might be on the first date, or the 5th but don’t rush it because of fear. All in all, I’d say that you need to tell her before you at least kiss her. IT CAN ALSO make a big difference depending on her sexual orientation.Fear is never a good emotion to have and you should push it away as much as possible. If you fear that the girl is gonna call her 5 brothers and have you beat up, you should probably not tell her at her house while her brothers are outside barbecuing. Yes, kissing her will make her more attracted to you, but at least she won’t feel “betrayed” or “tricked” and she hasn’t “lost” anything. The best way to explain your trans status, only YOU know. But before we go any further I think it’s important that I tell you something about me. If she identifies as bi or queer, she might not think it’s a big deal after the initial “shock”.Queer resource and website emerged from the Gay/Bi/Queer Transmen Working Group, a part of the Ontario Gay Men’s HIV Prevention Strategy.The group is comprised of trans and non-trans community members and service providers in Toronto and Ottawa working to educate and raise awareness around HIV prevention and sexual health issues facing gay/bi/queer transmen.(Updated) Hi, so yesterday I went to LB Pride and this is my 1st pride has an open transgender male or FTM (female to male).

If she’s not attracted to you at all, it’s not even worth telling her because you being trans or not isn’t the issue here. Whatever it is for you, find the most simple way to explain it without talking for 5 hours about it. And not a man with a vagina; make sure that her reason behind being with you is not just because she’s been with women before.

For additional resources, please also see the FTM Books page, which features FTM and transgender titles, as well as books about men's topics such as shaving, barbering, and style.

Note that numerous links specific to binding, packing, hormones, shaving, clothing, and shoes can be found within the individual sections on this site.

*yes, this article will mostly focus on the guys who are looking into dating women, and that’s just because that’s my experience. But read anyways, and you might find something that clicks for you in more ways than just one ;) So here we go… I know this sounds like a silly question and you’re thinking “duh! Simply answering this question will let you know if you’re even ready for dating. A positive response to the question of “why do you want to disclose” would be the question “when” instead of “why”.

” but you have to ask yourself that question before you even meet someone worth disclosing to. Is it because you’re not comfortable with yourself? If your answer is based on fear or any negative emotion, then you have to work on yourself a little more by being more comfortable with yourself and more confident in your identity. Instead of coming up with reasons to disclose, because it’s obvious you will have to at some point, you should focus on getting to know her and getting her to know you as a person, your sense of humor, your interests, etc.; making sure she’s attracted to you on a romantic level, and THEN, tell her. If you have a tight knot in your stomach, then maybe you’re not ready to go further. My brain and my spirit has always been male but genetically I was born (insert here: XX, intersex or whatever). Based on your own personality, you can use a serious tone, or add some humor to it… :).” It will also depends on the girl’s personality and sense of humor, but you get it…

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