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Sleeping with the Enemy is an inspired observational dating format that puts pairs of opposites together in close proximity to see if increasingly reducing the distance between them makes – or breaks – their mutual attraction.Every romantic comedy tells us that opposites attract, yet nobody sets out to find their opposite when looking for love.The great reason to watch this double-dose of violent French criminality, based on the remarkable life of the gangster Jacques Mesrine, is the performance of the wonderful Vincent Cassel.Cassel is reported to have had misgivings about glamorising such a brutal killer and criminal – and so intense in places is his scarily full-on inhabiting of the swaggering, promiscuous, superficially jolly, ruthless, larger than life part that he gives a moral backbone to this film, a core of seriousness – almost in spite of its pumped-up, handheld, joyriding treatment by efficient director Jean-François Richet.The script, by Abdel Raouf Dafri, who co-wrote the original script of Jacques Audiard’s much superior Un prophète, has in it, just discernibly, ideas.

He has a high IQ, Michael has a high EQ: Experience Quota. He’s a weird mixture of Jack Bauer and James Bond.” No need to ask Beesley what drew him to the part.

Conspiracies, Whitehall diplomatic freakouts, identity fraud, refugees” is Max Beesley’s bullet-point summary of The Last Enemy, a five-part political thriller beginning on Sunday on BBC1.

It is, he concludes frankly, “a bit of a head-wrecker”.

Zahed and Najah are two former enemies from the Iran-Iraq War who become blood brothers for life.

25 years after one saves the other’s life on the battlefield, they journey back into the heart of a region ravaged by war and ISIS.

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