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Thursday, May 4, 2017, Seattle, WA Missing Middle Housing V2: Helping Cities Address 21st-Century Challenges As Missing Middle Housing is catching on around the world, the concept and its application is evolving and becoming more sophisticated to meet the housing needs of today’s cities and regions.The panel will explore Missing Middle application in state-of-the-art density bonus and affordability housing programs, present strategies for identifying where these types should be enabled, and look at applications from AARP’s Livable Communities to New South Wales, Australia.Portland’s housing affordability problem is serious and real.And it’s deeply rooted in policies that have been in effect for years or decades.A selection of first-class restaurants and bars will delight your palate.The chefs cook up magnificent creations, from Italian-Mediterranean to Asian cuisine.Via photos and sketches, participants will document these Missing Middle Housing examples with the goal of understanding how to support housing diversity in planning efforts.Missing Middle Housing: Is Your Planning and Coding Preparing Your City for the 21st-Century Demand?

Advocates believe that enacting an inclusionary zoning requirement will, overnight, make this problem better.

I’m not sure that I agree with you a hundred percent on your policework there, Lou He observes that in Portland and Austin (as in other cities) land which is zoned for apartments commands much higher prices than land zoned for single family housing.

So much so, that it’s just not economically possible to build less dense structures on land that is zoned for more intense housing.

Structure your days around championship golf on two adjacent courses, or play a few sets at the multi-court tennis center.

Whatever your desire, you can depend on Red Glove Service to help make the most of your stay.

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